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RSCM Scotland - serving Scottish churches and their musicians


Fàilte gu RSCM Alba / Welcome to RSCM Scotland

We are here to serve all the Churches in Scotland and to help you use music in worship more effectively. Whatever your style of worship and music, we can help you develop your skills and understanding, and to aim for contextual excellence.

Forthcoming events

September 2021
A Celebration of the Best of Church Music Past and Present

This is an ideal opportunity to relaunch sung worship after all the Covid-19 restrictions.
Drawing on the rich repertoire of church music available, this is a time for rebuilding and refreshing whilst also holding together the emotional tensions of both praise and lament.

Resources at this time

Our Area Team has been commissioned

Watch the video (featuring Matthew Beetschen, our Area Team Leader)

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Invest in the future of church music by becoming a Member or Friend of the RSCM

Membership of the RSCM is an investment in the future of church music. The support of our members enables us to offer education and training courses, published resources, and activities for all those involved in music in worship. We believe that church music is important – and that we need to invest in it not only for the present, but also for the future.

We invite you to join us and help us to do even more to serve the Church and to encourage good music everywhere.

  • your church or community choir can affiliate to the RSCM
  • you can become an individual member
  • you can become a Friend of the RSCM

Affiliate / Individual Member

If you become an affiliate or an individual member, in addition to supporting our work, you will receive a number of membership benefits. More details can be found on the main RSCM website.

Friend of the RSCM

If you would like to support us in our work but do not wish to become a full Individual Member, you can become a Friend of the RSCM.

As a Friend you will receive Church Music Quarterly and the RSCM Newsletter each quarter to keep you informed as to what we are doing. Friends also receive The Network which gives details of locally-organised events. Many Friends support our work further by organising fund-raising activities.

Make a donation to RSCM Scotland

Please make a donation through PayPal to support the RSCM's work in Scotland.
You don't need a PayPal account to do this (click on "Don't have a PayPal account / Pay with a debit or credit card").

Please note that although for historical reasons the name of our PayPal account is "RSCM Scotland - DunblaneSB", all income goes to further the vital work of the RSCM in Scotland.