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About RSCM Scotland

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About RSCM Scotland

RSCM Scotland is part of the Royal School of Church Music, an educational, ecumenical and international Christian charity committed to enabling the best use of music (of whatever style, appropriate to the local situation) in worship, church life, and the wider community.

The future of the RSCM in Scotland

We have been fully involved in lengthy discussions, over Winter 2018–19, about the structure of the RSCM as it affects our work in church music, here in Scotland.

Map of RSCM regions within the British Isles

A new RSCM structure for UK and Ireland is being rolled out from Salisbury and began with what is now called Region One - covering North and North West England.

We have looked, in detail, at a number of options for Scotland, producing a rigorous review of what we actually do, and had a meeting with the RSCM's Director, Hugh Morris, in Edinburgh in February.

Much of the responsibility for progress has fallen on the shoulders of our Chair, Patricia Lynch, and we are most grateful for her dedication and assiduousness.


The outcome is that Scotland will become the new Region Two of RSCM UK.

New regional structures

This will see the disbanding of the existing Committee and a formalising of the role of Volunteers. Region 2 will be led by a Volunteer Team Leader, working with a Volunteer Panel (replacing the former Committee) and both the Leader and the Panel members will rely on teams of registered Volunteers throughout the country whose duties may well range from creating and running church music events to making the tea. Some of this work may be frequent and/or regular and some may be less frequent, related, say, to a single event.

In August 2019 Ian Munro was appointed Volunteer Team Leader for Scotland.

If you have access to the March 2019 edition of CMQ magazine, we recommend that you read (or re-read) the article by Hugh Morris - "You Receive Back What You Give" - in the light of the above information.

Our aims

RSCM Scotland aims

  • to support all the Scottish Churches in their music-making
    by offering encouragement, advice and training to all
  • to enable the provision of music in church for the future
  • to support members who are trying to keep music alive in their churches

Our objectives

To support our members through

  • practical and applied programmes of education and training
  • engaging with young people in singing
    • through Young Voices Festivals
  • making music at the highest possible level
  • music-making at festivals, courses and small-scale events
  • music and training resources
  • together with information, advice and guidance to serve the Churches by
    • encouraging music-making in general, and singing in particular
    • providing training in essential skills for church music
    • developing understanding of music in the Church's ministry and worship
      • through reflection days
      • support for students on the Foundation Degree for Church Music and in its former existence, Sacred Music Studies
    • encouraging good music everywhere through fostering outreach from local churches into the community

Help us to help you!

RSCM Scotland Committee

The voluntary committee consists of the following members:

  • Chair: Pat Lynch
  • Secretary: Lorraine Fraser
  • Treasurer: Lorraine Fraser (pro tem)
  • Awards Administrator: Kirsten Mann
  • Education and Training:
    • Exploring Music & Worship: Pat Lynch
    • Organ: Robin Bell
  • Publicity: David Sutherland
  • Safeguarding: Pat Lynch
  • Young People (education & training): Steven McIntyre
  • without portfolio: Pam Barrowman
  • without portfolio: Nicola Lawrence


We have several consultants, including:

  • Revd Marion Paton (Church of Scotland minister and musician; former Chair)
  • Revd Dr Martin Ritchie (Church of Scotland minister and musician)

Contacting us

You can email members of the committee, using the format [firstname], e.g.