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Singing Awards from RSCM Scotland


Voice for Life Singing Awards

Since the launch of the revised St Andrew's Awards in Summer 2004, there have been many successful entries, by children and adults.

These RSCM-validated awards complement the Voice for Life programme through formal examination:

  • The Bronze award (this normally follows successful completion of Voice for Life light blue and dark blue levels)
  • The Silver award (this normally follows successful completion of Voice for Life red level)

(The Gold award, which normally follows successful completion of Voice for Life yellow level, is administered by the RSCM centrally.)

These awards are consistent with other singing awards from the RSCM internationally and supersede the previous single award. Although a pass at the old St Andrew's Award examination is roughly equivalent to a pass at Silver level, you will need to pass the Silver exam before doing Gold, as the syllabus is more extensive, and the structure of the Silver exam is an important preparatory step to Gold.


Each award has its own syllabus and regulations. These come complete with guidelines to help prepare the candidate and the choir trainer for the standard expected during the examination.

Examinations are normally held in May and November each year; however, they may also be held at other times (during the Summer School, in Dunblane, for example).

Successful singers will be presented with a certificate or medal at a national or regional event. Those from robed choirs are entitled to wear a prestigious medal cast in the appropriately coloured metal (bronze, silver or gold) which are worn on distinctive ribbons. Bronze awards are worn with a Green ribbon, Silver awards with a Purple ribbon and the Gold award with a Burgundy ribbon.

Examiners for the awards have attended in-service training and validation meetings, to ensure that the level of marking is consistent and fair across the RSCM international network.

Exam fees

  • Bronze: £30
  • Silver: £40

Medals for successful candidates are (currently) £23, if desired.

Contact details

Contact Kirsten Mann (awards(at) if you have any questions about the exams.

Syllabus and Application Form